PyCon India 2016

This was my second PyCon and first visit to Delhi. I was excited to meet all old friends from dgplug, PythonPune, PyCon 2015, folks from twitter and IRC. It was different this time, because I co-hosted a Docker workshop with my colleague Lalatendu Mohanty at a large conference like this and was travelling with friends from PythonPune.


Day 0

This was tutorials day (workshops + devsprints). We(I and Lala) started workshop early morning. Lala explained the concept of containers and how ecosystem of application deployment, delivery has changed with involvement of containers while I did the hands-on walkthrough of the workshop.


Lala along with Praveen Kumar helped the folks during the hands-on. The workshop went well and people were curious to learn things in this changing world.



After workshop I mainly sat in devsprint room and did some hacking(random things). Meanwhile Shubham Minglani, my team-mate helped folks understand ansible-container. He was mentoring in devsprint for ansible-container project. Given the limited internet speed, Shubham setup an excellent fall back plan for the folks to pull containers. He got his Raspberry Pi and wifi router where Raspberry Pi was running FTP server and wifi router was access point to that FTP server. That was an awesome setup and too much effort for potential contributors of the project.

At the end of the day, in volunteers meet, I was handed over the responsibility of Lecture Hall 2 a.k.a Audi 3, where I and a bunch of volunteers made sure things went smooth for the next two days.

Later we went for a short walk around JNU campus, where we could smell the political air in the campus.

Day 1

Day 1 started with BG‘s Keynote, but I had to rush in middle of it to take care of my hall, this started with making sure volunteers for the hall were present, speakers were present on time, schedule of the day and speaker’s info was handy.

Having handled the responsibility of hall I realised how hard it is to deal with so many behind the scene things for a conference to run smoothly. Due to this I could not attend any talk properly as I had to rush to take care of unforeseen things that would pop up. Things went well that day though.

Day 1 ended with Keynote by Van Lindberg, which I attended completely. In his awesome talk, he presented on how failures in software world are essential and how one can cope and learn from them.


Folks at Red Hat booth:


Day 2

Similar to Day 1, there was a keynote from Andreas Muller, from which I had to drop off in the middle to make sure all things in my hall were ready. First talk in my hall was by my colleague Ratnadeep Debnath on Real Time microservices with server side Flux, where he presented how he has implemented micro-service and async architecture in his very own project waarta and IRCB.


Post which we had our usual yearly dgplug stair-case meeting, but this time, not on a staircase but on a ramp, where Kushal asked for feedback and gave general guidelines.


This time dgplug was even bigger and there were more folks doing awesome stuff. Kushal also acquainted us with his mentor – Sirtaj Singh Kang, who introduced him to Python.


This was followed by a Red Hat sponsored talk in my hall presented by Kushal, where he mainly talked about how Python is at heart of Red Hat’s open source projects and eco-system with projects like anaconda, Ansible, RDO, etc. to name a few.


The last day of the PyCon ended with photo session with dgplug folks and various other groups.


Folks from PythonPune


On a closing note, shout out to the volunteers viz. Shashank Kumar, Pushplata Ranjan, Prashant Jamkhande, Girish Joshi and others for being there and helping me out for two days. Things went smooth because of you and your helping hand.

This year’s PyCon was a good and a memorable experience. I made new friends and saw new places ( worth mentioning my extended stay, to explore Delhi and nearby places).


Thanks to: Kushal, Sayan, Chandan and other folks for awesome clicks, that I used in this blog. Suraj Narwade for all the pre-conference management. And finally Hemani for help with this blog.

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