Docker Birthday #3 celebration Bangalore

Docker birthday #3 Bangalore was celebrated at Huawei India on 26th March. As per the number of people who RSVPed the training was divided into two sessions. First session was conducted by Neependra and second was conducted by Sreenivas.


Meetup started with presentation walk-through by Neependra Khare. He explained what Docker is, various components of Docker, how Docker has changed the picture of the application deployment, micro-service based deployment using Docker as opposed to monolithic deployments in old world. Then he explained what the “Birthday training” consist of?


After the presentation he exercised through all the commands specified on the training and what each command does, where people were following along. On the way to completion of tutorial he also explained what Dockerfile is and what Docker Compose file is. Mentors viz. Shubham Minglani, Zeeshan Ahmed, Venkata Nagesh Devaraa, Janki Chhatbar, Durga Prasad and me were helping people to remain in sync with the fast paced tutorial.


After first session Dhilip talked about what Huawei is doing in terms of open-source, containers, cloud technologies, orchestration tools, etc.

Then was a time to cut the cake, we did cut the cake together and everyone cheered!


Then came time for Pizzas!!

Second session started at 14:30 with presentation walk-through by Sreenivas and then explanation of birthday training application. Also he explained what Docker compose file is and how it is making it easy to deploy multi-container app. Then people started following tutorial self-paced. And mentors helped attendees with the problems. Also people did get some time to push images online and get their pin on map.


The only problem folks faced was with Docker toolbox for windows, it gave some errors while building containers. So we recommended people to get into VM(docker-machine ssh default) and do all the tutorial steps.

Surprisingly at the meetup on the banner where it says “Huawei Committed to Open Source” I saw the first project they mentioned was Project Atomic, that was nice!

Finally thanks to Neependra, Sreenivas for conducting the sessions, Huawei India for sponsoring the place and lunch and Vinay Murudi for arranging things at Venue, mentors for getting the session smooth, Neependra again for arranging it all in the background and finally attendees for attending the session.


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