CentOS Dojo Event Report

CentOS Dojo was conducted on March 5th 2016 at Red Hat Bangalore.
First talk was Welcome note by KB. He mainly talked
  • His background with CentOS project and India.
  • CentOS history, growth and his involvement with project since 2003.
  • Now works at Red Hat after Red Hat started sponsoring CentOS project in 2014.
  • CentOS project is umbrella of many projects and CentOS Linux is one of the project.
  • Many commercial companies and open-source organizations contribute to CentOS.
  • Red Hat and CentOS help each other in various ways (article that explains it all).
  • What project to choose Fedora/CentOS, depending on the use case of a person.
  • How to contribute to CentOS project if one doesn’t know coding knows only operations.
  • CentOS is now extensively being used in HPC.


Second talk was CentOS Community build system CI/Infra by Brian Stinson. He mainly pointed out things like
  • How CentOS CI can help getting any upstream project build using CBS.
  • CentOS curator engine (Dev -> Source -> Build -> Test -> Release)
  • SIG (Special Interest groups)
  • Showed CBS interface
  • Participating in a SIG
  • CI infrastructure: Using Bare metal machines, Jenkins for job orchestration, Bulk storage
  • What is Duffy? How Duffy works? How it fits into the whole CBS CI?
  • Duffy – Provisioner; provides API key, root account using SSH keys.
  • Jenkins is mainly configured using – JJB Jenkins Job Builder
  • With the upcoming work going on with Openstack instance on CBS that can help projects to bring other OS and test the whole test-suite.


Third talk was CentOS in ARM by Jim Perrin. He talked about
  • How its been hard to put CentOS on ARM
  • CentOS is now a userland, while the kernel is vendor supplied on most of the ARM devices
  • Various ARM vendors like Qualcomm, Huawei, co-operating in this space.
  • RHEL 7.1 had ARM fixes so it helped CentOS.
  • June 2015 saw CentOS beta release
  • Vendors can add the patches
  • Added ARM 64 arch in the build system.


Fourth talk was Nulecule: Packaging multi container applications by Ratnadeep Debnath. He talked on
  • Various changes containers has brought with micro-services architecture.
  • Docker compose is there but it is not enough.
  • Its hard to manage the configurations with changing environment (viz. Dev, Staging, Prod)
  • Changing different Orchestration providers is not easy.
  • How Nulecule helps to package multi-container apps irrespective of the technology you use. Its completely technology agnostic.
  • How to write the Nulecule spec with the sample app
  • Answers.conf can manage the manual configurations
  • What are Graphs, Artifacts?
  • Atomic App use. How Atomic cli and AtomicApp are different

Slides of the talk by Ratnadeep.


Thanks Dharmit for being the host for the meetup, Humble to take care of the backstage work, speakers for sharing your knowledge, Red Hat for sponsoring the venue and food and visitors for being at the meetup.


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