December 2015 PythonPune meetup – Event Report

December PythonPune 2015 meetup was held at Castalia labs, Pune on December 19th. This meetup was a full day workshop on Computer Vision – playing with camera and images using Python. This meetup was one of its kind for PythonPune, full day workshop, fully interactive and no non-interactive talks.


Meetup started with Jemshid explaining the workflow of meetup. The meetup was conducted as workshop divided into tasks. Each time Jemshid would submit new task chit and folks should complete that task. One who completes the task would come up and explain what he/she has done.


First task was to Read a photo from webcam and display it, this was easy task to begin with. Since many of us were beginners with image processing libraries and numpy data structures altogether, it was high learning curve at first, but later things were clear.


Second task was to Segment out green pixels from a green ball on the nose of the coder. Now that in first task folks learnt how to read the image in form of pixel stored as multi-dimensional numpy array. Jemshid showed how boolean logic works on the numpy array. The filtering of pixels was done by providing RGB values.


Since the pixels of ball were recognised, third task was to Filter ball only and not showing anything else. This was done using the grayscaling the image. So that the object we want could only be shown rest of the things would be dark.


Fourth task was to See the result in a loop i.e. continuously capturing images and filtering them according to static filters applied and displaying those images.

At the end there were general discussions about opensource softwares, Jemshid explained difference between Computer Vision and Image processing, also discussions about conducting Hackathon in upcoming PythonPune meetups, etc.


And at the end we had group photo.


Jemshid, Rahul, Midhun, Subin and other guys from Castalia were really helpful during workshop, thanks a lot guys. Thanks Castalia labs for sponsoring space for meetup. Thanks Chandan and Jemshid for organising the meetup. Finally thanks to folks for attending this meetup.


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