November 2015 PythonPune Meetup Event Report

PythonPune completed one year of successful meetups since its reboot in December last year. The theme for the meetup was Test, Ship and Deploy your python projects accordingly the talks were aligned. This meetup was conducted at Red hat office Pune on 29th November 2015.

Talks were as follows –

Chandan Kumar talked on Python packaging for multiple platforms using Wheels and Pbr. He explained how to create a standard Python project directory structure.


He then explained creation of Using to make distributables like egg and wheels. Making changes to setup.cfg to make Python2 and Python3 compatible distributables. Finally uploading it to pypi.

Then I gave a talk on Testing in Python using Mock and Pytest. I started with explaining what Mock is and how mock objects are very flexible. Where mock could be helpful while testing and creating customized mock objects of various types, etc.


After Mock was pytest, there I explained how pytest reduces size of test files. pytest reduces boilerplates and makes it easy to test things, how pytest is backwards compatible, etc. Here are my slides

Then was a lightening talk by Jemshid KK, he talked about the usage of python in his company for real time image processing from the video captured from the CCTV cameras and making analysis around it, etc.

Followed by lightening talk from Jemshid was introduction from everyone, people introduced about themselves and their experience with python, etc.

Lastly was a talk from Abhijeet Kasurde on Deploying a Python/Flask application using OpenShift. First he explained what openshift is, what various services does openshift provides, how openshift makes it easy to deploy any platform project onto openshift.


He showed about creating an account on openshift, then using the openshift cmd line client rhc to create new project and then deploying a simple application onto openshift, he deployed a simple app onto openshift, then also showed just making changes and commiting them reflected those changes onto site i.e. continuous integration helps to remove intermediate delpoyment process, etc. Here are slides

Finally we had a group photo.


Thanks Red hat for the space for meetup and Chandan Kumar for organizing this meetup. Thanks to all the attendees for being patient. Keep attending and submitting talks and thereby make PythonPune a great success ahead.

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