October 2015 PythonPune Meetup Event Report

October PythonPune meetup was held on 17th at Red Hat, Pune. This meetup, talks were mainly concerned with code i.e. code reading, code debugging, code contribution and code consistency.

Meetup started with Chandan Kumar talking on How to read python project codebase, he talked about finding start point in code of the project, building documentation of that code base from rst using sphinx.

Using print statements and pdb for code debugging, making flowcharts while reading codebase, using grep and tree unix commands to know more about the codebase, etc.

Then was a talk by Praveen Kumar on Use pdb to debug my code. He started with explaining what pdb is, shortcuts in pdb, single stepping through code, detailed code view while debugging.

Then he introduced ipdb, how ipdb is more easier than pdb and still has all features of pdb, ipdb‘s pretty output, etc. Here is the link to Praveen’s slides.

Third talk was by Abhijeet Kasurde on How i started contributing to python-libvirt. He explained what python-libvirt and virtual manager is, where its source code is hosted, where to communicate with people working on it.

Then he showed, how to add newer feature into python-libvirt, testing it, finally sending the code-patch as an email.

Sourav Singh talked on Genomic Data Science using Galaxy, where he demoed on using project galaxy for data intensive bio-medical research.

He imported two pre-defined data sets of genes and shown theirs comparison, in graphical format. Here is the link to his slides.

Lastly I talked on Make your code better with flake8, this talk was included into newly added section to PythonPune, which is Module of the month. Here I demoed about using flake8 on projects and modules.

What does the different type of errors shown by flake8 mean, using flake8 as VCS hooks, using flake8 and other linters as a part of code editors, etc. Here is the link to my slides.

Finally we had a group photo.

Picture credits: Suprith Gangawar

Thanks Chandan, Praveen and Suprith for hosting this meetup. Thanks to Red Hat for sponsoring space for meetup. Thanks other guys for attending and listening patiently.

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