PythonPune April Meetup

PythonPune April was 5th meetup from its bootstrap in December last year. This meetup was conducted in Zlemma. Meetup started with introduction by Chandan Kumar about PythonPune and other Python related major upcoming events.

Following was workshop by Chandan himself on Packaging of Python applications. Where he started with how to setup a Python project, creating a virtualenv along with git setup. How to make file for project and what all dependencies should be mentioned. He demonstrated it using a sample app, where further he explained about hosting it on pypi.

Followed by workshop was a talk on Fabric by Suprith Gangawar. He shown and explained his first automation script using Fabric. He talked about basics of Fabric, how it is different than other automation tools like Salt, Ansible, etc. How it requires very minimal setup to run Fabric.

Then was a talk by Tejas Sathe on How to use relational databases from Python. He talked about two databases Sqlite and Mysql. He started with explanation of simple scripts that worked with Sqlite and Mysql. Then he demonstrated how those scripts worked in action. Also what are the minor differences that should be taken care of while using these two databases.

Then was time of lightening talks. Hardik gave first lightening talk on his final year engineering project’s python program where he did Data Analysis of Windows malwares by disassembling them and then evaluating the disassembled code using Python.

I gave second lightening talk about the tool I made in Python called Speedup – A LAN speeding up tool. I started with live demonstration of the tool. Further I explained how this tool worked and what all other tools it uses to do its work. Here is the detailed explanation of tool and here is git repo.

Thanks to Ajit Nipunge and entire Zlemma team for great space. Finally thanks again to Chandan for hosting this meetup and fostering this talented and lovely community.

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