speedup – A LAN internet speeding up tool

speedup is a python tool that will increase your internet speed by eliminating access to default gateway for anyone on your LAN. So once this tool is running nobody on the LAN will be able to access to internet. And that’s how you get speed boost.


This tool regularly checks what all hosts are online using network scanning tool nmap. For integration with python, nmap has python library called python-nmap. So once it has list of online hosts, it uses other tool called arpspoof which comes in a package called DSniff. Using arpspoof it initiates ARP spoofing attack on the LAN. Using arpspoof one can do attacks to become Man in the Middle, but here it uses arpspoof to create Denial of Service(DOS) to other hosts. So it spoofs the online hosts by feeding wrong MAC Address information about default gateway, it sends MAC address of machine running this tool as MAC address of default gateway. And since LANs are usually switched LAN, all the working is at Layer2 of OSI refernce model i.e. DataLink Layer. So all these spoofed machines use MAC address of attacker machine to reach default gateway. You can learn more about ARPSPOOF here.

This tool only stops other machines from getting to default gateway, but it does not stop from machines on local network from communicating to each other. Since it spoofs only about default gateway.

Also the best part is, it has facility of excluding ip addresses of those whom you do not wanna block access to. Using the commandline option ‘-e’  you can specify the ips you wanna exclude from being denied access to internet, seperated by commas. In the example below host with ip addresses specified after ‘-e’ will have normal internet access.

$ sudo python speedup.py -e,

Also interface could be provided on which you wanna increase speed. By default it uses ‘eth0’ as its default interface of attack if nothing provided. In the example below it uses interface wlan0.

$ sudo python speedup.py -i wlan0

Its open source tool hosted on github, if you are a python developer please contribute and make it better, all types of suggestions are appreciated.

DISCLAIMER: This tool and post are strictly for educational purposes only, any damages caused by misuse of this information and tool is sole responsibility of user. And this tool comes with no absolute guarantee.

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