My first contribution to an open source project

March 2015 PythonPune meetup was one of its kind, which was not conducted ever before in Pune; was conducted at Redhat office, Pune. A sprint where people were encouraged to contribute to open source project(written in python) of their choice. This was a great opportunity for those who have not ever contributed to open source projects but knew programming, got a chance to contribute. This sprint was not limited to programming contributions only but contribution in the form of documentation was also done.

Day started with Chandan’s explanation of how to contribute to any open source project? What steps are to be taken to begin with? What is a Bug life cycle? He did a great job by compiling a gist of Python projects kind of beginner friendly.

Also the projects on gist were sorted according to tasks that were to be carried out like some projects needed python2to3 conversion, projects that were good for beginners to begin with, etc. Conversation related to sprint was carried on #python-india irc channel, this was helpful for those who wanted to participate in sprint from home. Also an etherpad was made for people to put what project and bug they were working on.

I selected project salt to work on. To start with I was very unclear of how to start and what bug to select. But then selected a low-hanging-fruit category bug and started working on it. But reading the conversations on github-issue could not make much out of it. Since I am new to project just know basics of what project is and how to start it. And saw source for first time which was humongous. But Chandan’s steps helped on getting started and finding where bug is and how to recreate it. Also thanks to Douglas Vaz who helped me with some steps of getting forward in solving the problem. I did some research and was trying to solve problem could not complete till the end of meetup, but then solved the bug and sent pull request by the end of day. And that patch was merged on 30th March and I was pretty happy looking at my contribution in the master branch of salt code.

Chandan was continuously searching for easy to solve bugs for those were totally confused about what to do. And was continuously encouraging. Everything went nicely, this all was possible just because of efforts taken by him and all those people(behind the scene) with him. Thanks to all of you guys. You did a great job for providing us this platform and introducing us to open source contribution, thanks a lot.

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