Installing Fedora 21 alongside Windows 8 / 8.1

Installing Linux these days is very very easy. But installing it with Windows 8 or 8.1 that has EFI enabled could be nightmare for new users who don’t know the technicalities, so here are some simple steps to follow to install Fedora 21.

1. Create Live Pendrive

If you are doing this using live CD then skip this step. Download Fedora 21 from here and create Live USB as shown here.

2. Turn Off FastBoot

Open Power Options



Click on Choose what closing the lid does


Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable. This requires administrative privileges.


Uncheck the Turn on fast startup


Save changes.


3. Create partition

Right click on My Computer or This computer and select Manage


Select Disk Management and then find a partition you have spare/free disk space for Fedora to install (recommended 20GB).


Right click on the selected partition and select Shrink Volume…


In the popped up window in the shown box enter in MB how much space you want to allocate to Fedora and then click Shrink button


The unallocated partition is created as shown.


4. Disable UEFI Secure boot

To disable UEFI secure boot follow the steps shown here

5. Install

Open PC settings


Click on Update and recovery


Select Recovery and in Advanced Startup click on Restart now


Click on Use a device


Depending on your device type select one if DVD then select EFI DVD/CDROM


Now PC will restart from the DVD or Disk as selected. Select the first option to boot from Live Fedora from the selected device. Your initial selection screen may be different from what is shown here, though select first option.


Once booted up select Install to Hard Drive from the popped up window


Select language of your preference and click Continue


Click on INSTALLATION DESTINATION to select and confirm the partition


Fedora will automatically detect the partition that is unallocated(the one we created before) and then just click Done button. Please make sure that size of partition automatically selected by Fedora is same as the one we have created earlier in windows.


Click Begin Installation button to move ahead with the installation.


Assign ROOT PASSWORD that will be required for any package installation later so remember this password. Also click on USER CREATION i.e. create your account so as to differentiate your data from others. You can create more users later on as needed.


Now Fedora will install itself and then you can restart your PC in Fedora

14 thoughts on “Installing Fedora 21 alongside Windows 8 / 8.1

  1. Sir I’m getting an error before installing to hard drive … After selecting install fedora 20.. and it some errors and turned off and showing black screen …Wat to do …..


    1. yes this will be dual boot, while booting you can choose what to boot and in that sense they will work side by side. Yes Dell i5 should work fine


  2. sir i have a doubt a just installed windows 10 and fedora in dual boot manner. but now i need more space for my fedora. how can i allocate more space for fedora without removing the os. can you please tell me step by step


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